Michael Cappetta

Vocals/Bass & Harmonica

Michael got his start in the music industry while growing up in Redondo Beach California in the 1960s. Michael played with a group called “The Scuzzies” which included his sister Suzie and Brother Robert and 2 cousins. “The Scuzzies” charted a regional Top 40 hit in 1965 about one of Los Angeles most famous radio legends Dave Hull “The Hullbalooer” The song became so famous it became the deejays theme song and was recognized by Bob Eubanks and Casey Kasem. Baskin-Robbins even names an  Ice Cream Flavor after the Scuzzies. In 1973, Michael, Suzie and Robert became “The Cappetta Company”. As “The Cappetta Company”, the trio performed “LIVE” music sets on the radio which were broadcast on KGBS-FM from the Star Theatre at Universal Studios in Hollywood. The Cappetta Company headlined in major hotels, restaurants, and night clubs throughout the 80’s and early 90’s. Michael has also worked in radio as an on air disc jockey and has a voice that is still in demand for many radio commercials as well as singing projects. Michael is an accomplished bass player and harmonica player and  joined “The Working Poets” in March 2007. All of the great harmonies that you hear “The Working Poets” sing are arranged by Michael.